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Unlike many other data companies, we see the whole content-to-commerce journey of our billion users. This not only means we can train our machine learning algorithms on sufficient data to be accurate, but we can also validate whether our predictions were correct, and iterate our algorithms continually. 

This means you can use our segments confidently for your ad targeting or customer insights. We aren't just repackaging up other companies data, or putting people into "intender" segments based on sparse data. Anyone we put into a one of our shopping intent segments is because they have recently been researching the purchase of a specific product."

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1.5m websites use our monetization platform to drive revenue and insights from the commerce-related content they create. They are all manually vetted to guarantee the quality and commerce-oriented focus of our network.

Through them, we collect data from over a billion cookied users a month, about the products, brands and merchants their users are reading about, clicking on, and buying. In total, we collect more than 20b actual shopping behaviors per month.

Buyers are not who you think they are

70% of programmatic data buy is sociodemographic data, but it often misses the mark. In DR campaigns, age and gender are only proxies for who is going to buy. Our data shows women are more likely to be buying men's clothes, and that kids' clothes are mostly bought for gifting, so parents aren't the main purchasers. 

Shopping intent signals allow you to target everyone, not just people that fit into stereotypes and ensures you aren't leaving valuable customers out of your efforts. It means you can direct marketing spend to actual buyers, instead of who you think your buyers should be.

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