Optimize your program for Skimlinks' premium editorial publishers

Join the Preferred Partner Program and improve your visibility among our top publishers.

What is the Preferred Partner Program?

The Skimlinks Preferred Partner Program is designed to enhance merchants profiles and provide performance data by:

  • the ability to increase their profile to over 57,000 publishers within the Skimlinks Publisher Hub
  • access to commission rate benchmarking data to ensure they are comparable with other merchants within their vertical
  • providing detailed insights and performance data on their program


Scheduled reporting

Receive detailed weekly performance reports to help you gain further insights on the publishers that are driving revenue.

Stand out from the crowd

Be more visible with a Preferred Partner badge and enhanced profile page, which will make you appear higher in our merchant search.

Rate Benchmarking

We'll provide you with a rate recommendation based on our benchmarking data to ensure that your program is competitive.

Exclusive Rates and Marketing Activity

We want to make sure our publishers hear about new merchants and offers, so at times, Skimlinks will provide members of the Preferred Partner Program the opportunity to create exclusive commission rates for set publisher groups or be included in marketing activity to publishers to promote your exclusive rates or specific offers.

For Preferred Partners to be considered for this enhanced activity, they must first meet the criteria below:

  • Be a trusted advertiser
  • Provide targeted offers
  • Ensure your site provides a good user experience on any platform

This is an added benefit for Preferred Partners and the invitation of merchants to this enhanced activity is at the discretion of Skimlinks.  Joining the Skimlinks Preferred Partner Program does not guarantee access to these enhancements.

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