The CAPS: Commerce Awards for Publishers

For excellence in commerce content 

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The Commerce Awards for Publishers recognise excellence in commerce content across 12 categories. They aim to showcase the incredible work publishers do, in crafting commerce content that provides a quality service to readers and generates significant revenue too. Publishers can self-submit for seven awards and nominate an advertiser for the Best Advertiser award. Advertisers can also nominate a publisher for the Best Publisher award. The remaining 3 awards (Weirdest Item Sold, Highest Volume Of A Single Item Sold and Highest EPC from a Single Article) will be decided from Skimlinks’ own data.

The Awards will be held at The Loft at Tribeca Grill on September 20 from 6:30pm. 


Best Technology & Gadget Article

This award recognises excellence in technology & gadget commerce content. Submissions should demonstrate balance between providing a service for the reader and a focus on subsequent actions for the reader to take.

Best Fashion Article

Setting the trend for the season, this award is for best piece of fashion commerce content, combining quality editorial, with an eye for subsequent commercial actions, like linking out to products or product categories. 

Best Dedicated Commerce Brand

Editorial brand entirely dedicated to commerce content, which has a distinct tone of voice, delivers excellent editorial product purchase advice to readers, and creates content with clear attention to the action for readers to take.

Best Editorial Brand

Awarded to the publisher who, although an editorial brand overall, has a documented and dedicated commerce strategy, and is likely a mass media company, magazine, newspaper, broadcaster etc.

Best Digital Native

To the digital native publisher, that maintains an exclusively digital presence and excels in creating commerce content that resonates with its audience.

Best Evergreen Article

Most effective use of evergreen content – submissions must have been first published no later than August 1st 2017 and updated at frequent intervals since, to remain relevant to readers and valuable.

Best Flash Event Article

This award recognises the best article written about a flash event, seizing a time-limited opportunity, which may have been a new product release, limited time offer or promotion, or a focus on a trending item. 

Best Advertiser / Merchant

(Publisher Choice)

Recognizing the Best Advertiser of 2018 as voted for by Publishers in Skimlinks’ network.

Best Publisher (Advertiser / Merchant Choice)

Recognizing the Best Publisher of 2018 as voted for by Advertisers in Skimlinks’ network.

Weirdest Product Sold

For the least conventional item successfully sold by a publisher, decided by Skimlinks data.

Highest volume of products sold

Rewarding the single highest volume of units of a single product sold by a publisher, across any category between August 1st 2017 and July 31st 2018, decided by Skimlinks Data. 

Highest value of a single item sold

Recognising the article with the highest EPC generated by a single article June 2017-June 2018. 

Meet the judging panel

The CAPS Judges will include journalists from industry publications, leading figures from publishers and a leading figure from an advertiser. 


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Job title

Alison Schiff

Senior Editor

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Platforms Reporter

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