The Commerce Awards for Publishers

For excellence in commerce content 

About #TheCAPS

The Commerce Awards for Publishers recognise excellence in commerce content across 15 categories. 

They aim to showcase the incredible work publishers do, in crafting commerce content that provides a quality service to readers and generates significant revenue too. 

Publishers can self-submit for eleven awards, indicated by gold trophies below. The remaining four awards will be decided from Skimlinks’ own data, indicated by blue trophies.

The Awards will be held at The Loft at Tribeca Grill on September 4 from 6:30pm. 

Submissions have now closed but you can still RSVP for the awards.


Best Technology, Gadget & Smartphone Article

This award recognises excellence in technology, gadget and smartphone commerce content. Submissions should balance providing a service for the reader and a focus on  actions for the reader to take.

Best Fashion Article

Setting the trend for the season, this award is for best piece of fashion commerce content, combining quality editorial, with an eye for subsequent commercial actions, like linking out to products or product categories.

Best Beauty Article

Beauty is another category where readers want expert opinions before they make a purchase. So this award looks to reward the best beauty and cosmetics commerce content, helping people find their perfect match. 

Best Travel Article

Travel broadens the mind and travel commerce content helps people make up their mind about where to make new memories. This award rewards the best commerce content covering the travel vertical.

Best Homeware & Furniture Article

People take a lot of time to pick out homewares and furniture to buy. Commerce content helps speed things up. This award honours top furniture and home commerce content.

Best Dedicated Commerce Brand

Some publishers only create commerce content and dedicated entire editorial sites to product-related articles. This award is to honour the best of these dedicated commerce brands. 

Best Editorial Brand

Best Editorial Brand honours the best traditional media brands, magazines houses and / or broadcasters for their commerce strategy and commerce content that they create. 

Best Digital Native Publisher

Digital native publishers have been the pioneers of commerce content as a medium and a revenue stream. This award recognises the best digital native publisher for their commerce content strategy. 

Best Evergreen Article

Publishers can generate significant revenue from evergreen content – articles that are update from time-to-time and never lose relevance. This award recognizes the best evergreen commerce content. 

Best Holiday Campaign

Major holidays like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are big ecommerce opportunities. They're great for commerce content too. This award will recognise the best campaign focused on a holiday.

Best Black Friday Article

Black Friday is one of the biggest ecommerce events of the year and the right piece of commerce content can drive great results for publishers. This award acknowledges the best content covering Black Friday.

Best Mobile Article

Over 60% of traffic in Skimlinks' network comes from readers engaging and converting on their smartphones. This award recognizes the best commerce content monetized on mobile. 

Fastest Growing Newcomer

This award will recognise the fastest growing new publisher in Skimlinks' network, which joined the network and activated the platform within the past year. 

Faster Growing Publisher

This award will honour the publisher with fastest revenue growth in our network that has made use of Skimlinks' platform for longer than the past year alone. 

Weirdest Product Sold

For the least conventional item successfully sold by a publisher, decided by Skimlinks data.

Meet the judging panel

The CAPS Judging panel includes esteemed journalists and figures from across the affiliate marketing industry.

Allison Schiff

Senior Editor

Max Willens

Platforms Reporter

Rakhee Jogia

VP Strategic Parternships and Supply

Paul Stewart

Global Head of 

Strategic Partnerships

Jodi Ford

Enterprise Account Director, Content / Media

RSVP for the awards. 

Submissions have now closed but you can still RSVP to attend the event at the link below.