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Skimlinks is a free, simple way to make money online by placing affiliate links on your website.

Instant access to 20,000 brands

With our single piece of Javascript code, you get instant access to over 20, 000 affiliate programs without the hassle of individual network sign ups, approvals and link management.

Premium commission rates

We have over 20, 000 merchants in our network. 250 of them are VIP or Preferred Partner Merchants, which means they offer you commission rates up to 100% higher than rates available on other networks. You can compare merchants by revenue per click, category, status or popularity. 

Tools to monetise all your channels 

Our Javascript automatically transforms normal product, merchant or brand mention links into affiliate links. Readers only see the original organic URL and there is no impact on page ranking / SEO. With our URL shortener and Link API you can also monetize content on your social channels, mobile platforms and email newsletters.

"While we were already working with Amazon at that time it was through a close working relationship with Skimlinks that we really started seeing affiliate revenues take off to become such an important part of our business."

Simon Jary, Publishing Director @ IDG

Granular insights

Boost display revenue

Our platform offers detailed reports about how your comtent – commerce-related content – is performing, enabling you to learn how much revenue it's generating, how engaging it is and gain insight into your readers’ behaviour.

Give your ad sales team access to our merchant and product insights to better inform their prospecting campaigns, win rates and CPM yields.

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