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The Dyson Hair Dryer Is Worth It If You Love Your Hair, or Hate Your Hair, or Both


Few things in life are the game changers they promise to be. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is one of those things.

I’ve had long, thick, wavy hair with bangs for most of my life. It is both my favorite thing about myself and the bane of my existence—good hair days mean strategy, planning, and time, all things I’m terrible at, so my hair is either dirty, damp, or up in a bun most days. I usually give up on blow drying my hair about 30 minutes in (again, I have a lot of hair), and most of the time it’s still air drying the next day. This makes washing my hair a process, one which I avoid for as long as possible.  

When Dyson first announced their Supersonic Hair Dryer, with the promise of dramatically reduced drying times, I wanted it, bad. I did the research. I winced at the price. I scoured the internet for a deal. Eventually, I pulled the trigger on what would be the most expensive thing in my bathroom. The first few times I used it, I was legitimately confused: my hair was bone dry after 8 minutes (I timed it). It dried so fast I would forget to comb out my bangs and have to re-wet them. It dried so fast I realized I didn’t actually know how to style my hair, or use a round brush; I also didn’t have to switch arms halfway through from fatigue, or turn my head upside down to dry underneath. I realized that, outside of the salon, where getting my hair blown out usually takes over an hour, I had never had a blow dryer fully dry my hair before. 

The general sleekness and balanced weight of the Supersonic makes it a pleasure to look at and hold, and the magnetic drying attachments are genius—not only are they easier to switch, but you can rotate them precisely to focus air where you want it, rather than moving the whole dryer or contorting your body. I’ve actually been experimenting with lower heat and speed settings, something that was unimaginable to me before, and found that the gentler speed lets me style with my fingers more easily.

Did the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer instantly give me perfect, sleek, salon hair? My hair is definitely smoother, and my waves are more defined and less fluffy, but no. Is it worth $400? For me, yes. It gives me freedom: the freedom to get my hair wet, whenever I want. Unless my boyfriend is using my Dyson, which he totally does. Then I’ll have to wait, oh, 30 seconds until he’s done.



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